Florida IV Therapy

Our Team

Dr. Ismail Muhammad Zabih, MD.

Meet Dr. Ismail M. Zabiha distinguished medical professional specializing in internal medicine and at the forefront of Florida’s IV therapy. With a rich tapestry of experiences, Dr. Zabih has proven himself as a versatile and compassionate healer, fluent in English, Hindi, Urdu, and Bengali.

Graduating in 1989 from Dow Medical College Karachi, Pakistan, Dr. Zabih embarked on a journey dedicated to enhancing patient well-being. His commitment to excellence shines through his internship and residency at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, shaping his expertise in internal medicine.

As a key figure in the field of IV therapy in Florida, Dr. Zabih brings a unique blend of skill and empathy to his practice. Affiliated with HCA Florida Gulf Coast Hospital, he ensures that his patients receive the highest standard of care, leveraging his extensive knowledge and decades of experience.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Zabih is celebrated for his ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a warm and inclusive environment. Whether communicating in English, Hindi, Urdu, or Bengali, Dr. Zabih goes above and beyond to ensure effective and compassionate care for all.

Join Dr. Ismail M. Zabih on the journey to optimal health through cutting-edge IV therapy, where expertise meets empathy for a healthier tomorrow.